• Players must be born between January 1, 2005 - Sep 3, 2008
  • Parent/Legal guardian must sign waiver (Download form here)
  • All registered participants will receive an e-mail confirmation with their specific tryout location, field position, date and time
  • All participants MUST check in with their registration form (printed or digital) at the Sueño Águila Registration Area the day of the tryout AN HOUR AND A HALF PRIOR to the specific tryout time. If player does not comply, his slot will be forfeited
  • Black shorts (Unbranded unless Nike)
  • White soccer socks (Unbranded unless Nike)
  • White t-shirt (Unbranded unless Nike)
  • Shin guards
  • NO metal cleats
  • NO jewelry (chains, necklaces, rings, etc.)
  • Round One - First Tryout (400 players)
    The tryout will be one (1) hour in duration. Each hour will have a new rotation of tryout participants. Participants will be evaluated by how well they perform in their registered field position. 34 players will be invited to a second tryout held on the following day. The players will be notified by phone by the Sueño Águila staff at the end of the first day of tryouts. Players must make sure their correct phone number has been provided; otherwise, they will miss out on participating in the final. All eliminated players will be notified via e-mail no later than 9:00 p.m. the night of the tryout
  • Round Two - Second Tryout - INVITATIONAL ONLY (34 players)
    This tryout will be approximately 4 hours in duration. At the completion of the second round of tryouts, 16 players will be selected by Club América's scouts for a one-week training camp with Club América's youth academy. These participants will be recognized as Sueño Águila Finalists.
  • Round Three
    The 16 finalists will live and train together during the week-long tryout. One (1) top male will be selected at the end of the tryout and will earn a spot in Club América's U-17 roster.

    IMPORTANT: The 16 finalists must be available to spend a week in Mexico City on second week of october

Travel Expenses:

  • All tryout expenses within the United States (transportation and accommodations) must be covered by each participant
  • All travel expenses related to the Mexico City Finals will be covered by Sueño Águila

AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT: By participating in Sueño Águila, from the initial tryout to the choosing of the winner, every player authorizes the use of their image in the promotion, dissemination, and exploitation of all audiovisual content for TV, cinema, radio, social media, and/or any other type of current and future streaming related to said program.